SUMMER Race Schedule / Fees

Indoor Track: 1/10th Scale Electric only please, no Nitro.  
No Traction Compound (tire sauce, juice, etc...) of any kind is allowed in the shop or on the track!

New hours effective 8/14/12:

*Tuesday - all classes - 7pm 
*Friday - all classes - 7pm

Race sign up close 1 hour prior to start of race!
Open practice closes 2 hours prior to start of race! (practice fees apply unless you are racing)

Stock Buggy
Stock Truck
Super Stock Truck (13.5)
Stock SC
Mod Buggy
Mod Truck
Mod SC
4wd Mod
4wd Stock SC
4wd Mod SC

Practice fees:
All day = $12.00 per person (includes one race entry if a race day)
All day Family Rate = $20.00 (includes Parent with children and one race entry each if a race day)
1 hour = $6.00 per person
Race fees:
First class = $12.00
Each additional class = $8.00

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